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Selling at a low low low price for clearance! COMES WITH A FREE LAMINATED CONBADGE WITH A CLIP ONCE YOU GIVE IT A NAME/GENDER!! You have rights to whatever character you build around the head and tail. 

- Re-furbished fursuit head (NOT brand new). Very clean. 
- Canine/fox. Can be any gender. DVC eyes with tear duct vision. Painted features. 
- Moving jaw. 
- Fits a smaller head. 
- 2x earrings on front of both ears. 1x earring on back of both ears. One feather drop earring on the left ear. 
- Feather drop sewn onto tail. 
- Tail has a zipper pocket and belt loops with additional hanging loop. 
-White teeth; pink tongue. 


$100 fursuit head + tail combo

blondesheep13 asked: Can anyone recommend an artist who does really good animal skull masks? I really want one to play with for Halloween (this year or next, no rush). I know MissMonster does them on occasion and that DreamVisionCreations does special orders around this time of year. Anyone else come recommended? Thanks!

I’m working on a deer skull one currently. You should check out PhazonAlloy on Furaffinity!! PhazonAlloy has some incredible work!

FREE art for students!

I’m going to start a thing. I need/want data. What I want to know is what kids in high school are wearing these days. I don’t care so much about mainstream fashion. I want to know what styles today are called, what is popular, etc. I want to be in tune with high school aged students when it comes to making art and comics (especially comics). When I was in high school in the late 00’s, emo was in as alternative fashion. Towards the end of my high school experience scene style was the new alt style. So here is my proposal:

With a valid high school or middle school student ID card, students can request free art in exchange for a brief conversation about what they/their friends/other students wear at school.

What I want to know:
- Alternative fashions
- Cliques
- What do the different cliques wear?
- Where do people shop?
- Names of different styles, slang terms, etc.
- Art aesthetics (share your art with me!)

What I will give:
- Sketches upon sketches upon sketches
- Sketch pages with color
- Simple drawings (digital)

ALSO! If you follow any young fashionistas on Tumblr or run your own youth fashion blog, let me know!


Two brand new German shepherd tails for sale! Each was hand sewn (which is why there are only two. NEVER AGAIN.) because my machine is getting repaired. If you are interested let me know which one you want! The one on the left is a bit unique looking and the one on the right is more generic. I don’t know why I put cream fur on a GSD tail but whatever, it’s cool!
The pretty brown fur on the tip and underside of the tail on the left is soooo fluffy and soft and wonderful!!
Paypal only (unless local)
+$10 shipping (unless local)
If you are San Diego local, I will try to be at the Saturday meet (and thus no need for shipping or Paypal). 

The flowers in my garden look so pretty!

I made these! Wanna buy?

kielbasathesassypup asked: Hi there i have a question and its not anything important or special but I was wanting to ask that, I've been trying to get a fursuit for a couple years now at least two years i believe idk but anyways all the fursuit makers are quite expensive 400-800 dollars and higher just to get certain parts of a fursuit or the whole thing and i was wondering if you new any fursuit makers out there that have a job but only make fursuits for fun and not for the money i mean yes the materials are expensive..


$400-800 is pretty cheap as far as suits go, even for a partial. There are plenty of people who are just starting out making suits who will probably offer something around or a little below that range, but that also comes at the cost of some build quality. People charge as much as they do because fursuit building is an intense and learned art craft. Every suit is a one of a kind art piece and they are rightfully priced as such.

If you are really looking at it in the long term, saving up the money to buy a suit shouldn’t take you more than a year or so with a regular job. If you don’t have a job, or you’re too young to have a job, I would just try saving up some money from holidays and such. Spending big money on a fursuit also helps you realize the value of your suit and you’re gonna be happier and more attached to it if it’s a real investment. 

I’m sure that isn’t exactly what you wanted to hear but it’s the best advice I think I can give!

I’ll be open later this summer!

Hey everyone~

I’m selling a lot of things because I am moving and need to get rid of stuff. Please head over to my FurAffinity ( and check out what I have to offer. Yes, I am selling my fursuit head. After the re-furbishment, I just don’t love it anymore because it doesn’t look like the old Myojo head. There are a lot of details that go with the sale of the head such as changing eye color and the option to add markings (for free!). Please, please take a look and let me know either here or on FA if you have any questions at all. 

Thank you so much!



Myojo by Mocha
Myojo and Kingston by 2dumb2die

Some more photos of Myojo from 2dumb2die on Furaffinity. He also made those adorable couples badges for Zhenya/Kingston and I.